• STX Stallion 700
  • STX Stallion 700
  • STX Stallion 700

STX Stallion 700

SKU: 7022

 play with STX’s new, patent pending, Speed Scoop™, allows for quick and effortless scooping by minimizing scoop drag on turf and grass
The Stallion's iconic two-sidewall brace design provides optimal stability when shooting, checking, and on ground balls 
New Stallion 700 design is 25% stiffer and 5% lighter than previous Stallion models
C-Channel™ technology distributes stress on the sidewall, providing extra strength and stability between the lines

Meets NCAA and NFHS rules  
Recommended Position: Midfield/Attack/LSM 
Weight (oz): 4.9 
Recommended Skill Level: AdvanceYouth/ High School/ Collegiate 
Scoop Shape: Speed Scoop


  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES