The Brine Dictator lacrosse head is poised to be a total game changer at the face-off circle ... here's why.   Brine masterfully designed the sidewalls on the Dictator to be super soft right at the curve point towards the top of the head, so that it literally grabs the ball on the pinch...  However, the bottom of the throat U is stiff as can be and retains shape to give you that extra thrust and hold the funnels the ball into the throat of your head as you move forwards and upwards.


You can take the sides of this head and squeeze them together right before the outward flare on the top of the stick. The throat of the stick retains perfect shape and is nearly impossible to flex.  If you are the type of player that gets a good jump on a high percentage of whistles...  then this head is gonna be a miracle worker for you.  For guys that dig around a little more, Brine designed the Dictator ST ( stiff ) to hold up to a bit more x punishment.  


Our face-off guys think this head will literally revolutionize what is going on in the circle.  Couple this with a lightweight, friction shaft and you have one of the most formidable weapons in the game.  The other amazing this about this head, is that youth players can now flex the plastic to such an extent that if you are not using one of these.. then you are at a severe disadvantage.  We think the word will spread quickly here and the Dictator takes off quickly into the 2017 season !!

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