The all new Evo attack lacrosse shaft is a follow through from the best selling Kryptolyte handles that simply dominated the market 2 years ago. Warrior came back strong with a value price point at $90 that packs much of the amazing Krypto strengh to weight as shafts for twice the price. The bottom line is that these Evo shafts are poised to be one of the best performers in the advanced youth market for some time to come.


Offered in a full range of colors, the simple graphics let your play do the talking.  The Control shape of this shaft is one of the classics that Warrio has had musch success with over the years.  Not too sharp on the edges, but enough landscape to really feel the shaft through your glove.  Warrior also added a slightly textured TACTICAL grip that cuts down on the need for tape weight.  This has a slightly ruberized feel and is great for all weather play.


This is a higher end shaft designed for maximum value for advanced youth and high school level players.  The numbers don't lie... these things fly off the shelves for a reason !!

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