Tribe 3x3 Tournament

Tribe 3x3 Tournament 

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We will be hosting a 3x3 tournament on Saturday November 27th, 2021 with registration runs from 8am-8:45am and tournament play will commence shortly after. The tournament will be at Lone Peak Park. Guaranteed at least three games. Please fill out the link at the bottom of the page to register. Payment will be accepted on day of play. 



What is 3v3 Lacrosse?

Each game of 3v3 lacrosse is fast paced, free flowing and heavily emphasizes skill development and quick decision making under pressure. 3v3 lacrosse is played on a modified field with smaller nets and softer balls. No Coaches, No Positions, No Goalies, No Equipment! Each team is made up of 4-6 players, so grab your friends, grab your sticks and let’s play!

What are the rules of 3v3 Lacrosse?

Teams must be made up of 4-6 players. Instead of starting each game with a draw, possession will be granted to one of the teams by decision via coin toss. This possession is determined by a stick toss at the very beginning of the game. The ball changes possession after ever goal. One pass must be made on offense before a team can score, and you can not score from the defensive side of midfield. On offense, you must place your shot, you cannot wind up and whip the ball. On defense, one player can jump in the goal to serve as goalie. When the ball is thrown or rolls out of bounds, it must be inbounded back into play by the opposing team by making a pass from the sideline, similar to basketball. No checking is allowed.

How are the games structured?

The game schedule will be made on site and posted in a central area. Re Games will start and end on a central horn. Each game will consist of two 10 minute halves with a 2 minute half time. Players will sub on the fly as needed.

Can I pick my teammates? Can I register without having a team?

The answer for both questions is yes. Each team is made up of 4-6 players. You have the opportunity to choose your team and teammates before hand. During the registration process, we will ask for your team name and for each player's name. If you are registering as a free agent, meaning you do not already have a team and teammates, you will be placed on a team made up of other free agent players!


$50 per team

$15 per player

* Weather Dependent *

Below are the divisions: 

Boys U9 

Boys U13

Boys U16

Boys U19

Men's College

Men's Masters


Girls U13

Girls U16

Girls U19

Women's Post High School



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