Crux Pro Head Strung

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The Crux Pro women's lacrosse head is the lightest Crux head in history, and it has been upgraded for the ultimate in control, precision and accuracy for elite attackers.  The head is available strung or unstrung.

The new, minimal design is made with EnduraForm™, a new proprietary formulation for improved toughness in a wider range of temperatures. DropRail™ technology maximizes ball retention and mobility, while SpeedScoop™ enhances ground ball play with integrated top string protection. The STX-exclusive Offset Technology naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot for a better hold. 

Strung with your choice of pockets:

Pro Strung with Lock Pocket: hybrid pocket design made with a unique knotted pattern and thicker strings for increased durability, maximum control and better ball feel.

Pro Strung with ProForm: pre-stretched premium leather allows for high-level hold and ball retention creating the ultimate elite level pocket performance and durability.

*Please note that this head can only be used with 10 degree shafts.