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Joining Epoch’s wildly successful Dragonfly series of carbon fiber shafts is the Epoch Dragonfly iD iQ5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft, built by the pros and designed for elite 14u players. Join the carbon fiber revolution and elevate your game today!

By manipulating the orientation of the carbon fiber, Epoch is able to achieve their Flex iQ. The shaft bends when you need it to to help generate torque on shots and passes, yet remains firm for maximum control and feel. Mixed with a lower F.A.W., or Fiber Areal Weight, the Dragonfly iD has smaller, lighter fibers that are more tightly compacted, increasing durability without adding unnecessary weight.

Slip/Grip provides a highly engineered “gritty” textured topcoat that allows for maximum control and consistent grip to be maintained in all weather, while allowing the shaft to move freely in your hand. Resin is also used to help bind the carbon fibers together, giving you a better energy transfer and stronger durability without leaving a rubbery feel.

The Dragonfly iD is fitted with a uniform release point designed to maximize shaft performance by creating a natural kick-point, providing optimal torque and flex when used for shooting and passing.

All Dragonfly Attack geometries will feature Epoch's flagship Flex iQ. The iQ2 is Epoch’s stiffest flex option and is designed for those step-down shooters who appreciate a stiffer shaft to help transfer their own energy when passing and shooting. The iQ5 is more of a hybrid that both flexes when a player shoots and feeds, yet can remain stiff when throwing checks, ideal for an intermediate player looking to increase shot speed. The iQ9 is the most flexible of the shafts, ideal for younger players looking for added snap on shots and passes.

  • iQ2 - Stiffest flex option for increased energy transfer
  • iQ5 - Hybrid flex option for versatile players (Only flex available on Dragonfly iD)
  • iQ9 - Highest flex option for quick passes and shots

If you’re a rising player looking for a carbon fiber shaft that will elevate your game to the varsity ranks and beyond, get your hands on an Epoch Dragonfly iD iQ5 Attack Lacrosse Shaft today.