iD Glove

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The Epoch ID Lacrosse Gloves deliver high performance protection at an affordable price point for any player. The ID Lacrosse Glove utilizes Epoch's finely tuned padding technology from their advanced Integra line to offer enhanced protection while keeping affordability as a top priority. Engineered with Epoch's Tri-layer Dual Density Foam for enhanced comfort and protection through strategic layering of various foam densities. The Epoch ID Glove features an extended cuff as well which covers more of the players wrist while remaining free and unrestrictive for improved protection and range of motion. The palm on the ID Glove features a carefully selected nash, vented and reinforced palm for enhanced feel and control during play. 

- Designed with key protection and comfort features from Epoch's premier Integra Glove. 

- Tri-layer Dual Density Foam Technology enhances impact absorption while remaining highly comfortable. 

- Extended Cuff is designed to provide enhanced wrist protection while remaining undissrptive and retaining free range of motion. 

- Nash, Vented and Reinforced Palm provide enhanced control and feel. 

- Engineered for a total value package by utilizing some of the most popular features from Epoch's elite Integra protective line.