• Epoch Purpose 15 Degree
  • Epoch Purpose 15 Degree
  • Epoch Purpose 15 Degree

Epoch Purpose 15 Degree

SKU: Purpose 15 - wht - unstrung

The Epoch Purpose Complete Stick pushes performance limits in the women's game with unrivaled ball control and maximized shot power. Epoch designed the Purpose Complete Stick to utilize 15-degree bottom rail technology, maximizing feel and control by pushing the ball into the pocket. The 15-degree bottom rail technology forces the ball high into the factory strung ladder pocket using the momentum from cradling to secure the ball just where you need it. This high performance package helps drive more power during passing and shooting by using the new 15-degree technology paired in combination with Epoch's ultralight carbon fiber Dragonfly Purpose shaft. This carbon fiber shaft brings more velocity to your shot with iQ9 flex technology, allowing players to transfer more energy to the ball while passing and shooting. Epoch left no question unanswered when designing the Purpose Complete Stick, creating a leading performance package for any women's lacrosse player. Best of all, Epoch manufactures the Purpose Complete Stick in the USA and offers an industry best 1 year warranty to seal the deal. 

- Epoch Purpose Complete Stick comes with:

- Purpose Head strung with Leather Ladder Pocket

- Dragonfly Purpose Shaft

- 15-degree technology drives the ball into the high ladder pocket delivering superior ball control and shot power. 

- Dragonfly Purpose shaft engineered with iQ9 flex technology helps load ball energy while passing and shooting.

- Industry best 1 year warranty.

- Made in the USA.