ECD Infinity Pro Women's Head

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The game has changed. Every day a player does something we thought to be impossible. The players are improving at an incredible rate and it’s about time for their sticks to catch up. The Infinity Pro is here to answer the call.

Featuring our extremely low-density, patent pending Diamond plastic, the Infinity Pro is built to be light, fast, and consistent. How light? Float on water light. How fast? The people shooting highlights can’t keep up fast. How consistent? Any day, any weather, never think about your stick consistent. Welcome to the future.

About the Plastic

When we rolled out our patent pending Diamond plastic, we knew we were on to something special. Sporting a super low density, this material is 10% lighter than our standard plastic. But lightweight isn’t the whole story. A lightweight head still needs to be stiff, and our Diamond plastic is stiff. And not just on cold days. It’s stiff all the time. That means you’re about to use the most consistent head in lacrosse. 

Diamond Plastic

Extremely lightweight, perfectly stiff, and exceptionally good looking.

Total Control

The perfect offset that drives the ball right into the sweet spot of your pocket. 

Made in the U.S.A.

Made with pride, right here at home.