• Maverik Hypercore

Maverik Hypercore

SKU: 8348-1

The Maverik Hypercore Lacrosse Shaft offers light weight Carbon Composite performance with new advanced strength Increasing technology at an unbeatable price. The Hypercore Shaft is designed with Maverik’s new I-Beam Carbon Core technology to help stiffen and strengthen the shaft. The added strength and rigidity of the I-Beam Carbon Core throughout the Hypercore shaft creates zero flex for unmatched accuracy while passing and shooting. Maverik designed the Hypercore shaft to have added comfort and control using their traditional shaft shape and a Matte Finish. 

-Advanced carbon fiber technology offers light weight performance

-Designed with new I-Beam Carbon Core Technology for added stiffness and rigidity

-Zero flex profile for increased accuracy while passing and shooting

-Traditional shaft shape and Matte finish offers unbeatable comfort and control

-Includes adjustable ABE +  Butt End Cap for a custom fit