Maverik Optik 3.0

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The Optik 3 is the most advanced iteration of Maverik’s elite offensive head. The Optik 3 is designed with a shorter throat to reduce the distance between your top hand and the ball resulting in more control for one- and two-handed dodgers. Though the Optik 3 is optimized for a mid-low pocket, the head has been upgraded to include 20 sidewall holes giving stringers an abundance of options to string a pocket matching any preferred release. With increased offset, dual-strut sidewall, and optimal face shape, Maverik designed the Optik 3 to provide increased feel and confidence for those quickest around the crease.

- Shorter throat to reduce distance between top hand and ball.

- Upgraded with 20 sidewall holes to give stringers limitless options.

- Increased offset, dual-strut sidewall, and optimal face shape for catching, carrying, and control.