• Nike Lunar Fly

Nike Lunar Fly

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The Nike Lunar Fly Complete Stick is the perfect option for players who want a stick designed for offense. The geometry of the Lunar Fly head forces the ball to sit higher in the pocket which helps to add power and increase hold. Nike’s composite material makes the handle comfortable in all weather. The Lunar Fly also utilizes Nike’s 10 degree technology which allows for a much quicker release. The Nike Lunar Fly complete stick is also a great option because it comes strung to perfection with channel tabs to help guide the ball through the pocket. The Lunar Fly is truly designed to be game ready. The Lunar Fly can be seen all over lacrosse fields at all levels because players trust this stick.

- Designed for a high pocket

- Composite Shaft

- Strung with channel tabs to increase accuracy

- Utilizes 10 degree technology to provide a quick release