Signature Magik Mesh Kit

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Signature MAGIK MESH KITS are just in and our Pro stringers are really excited about this new addition to the elite class mesh lineup. The thin, tight weave, combined with all-weather non stretch fibers make this stuff a dream to string and play with. The consistency is almost like a cross between a semi-hard and a semi-soft.... nice balance. Step down shooters are gonna love this stuff... because its soft enough to give some "bag" like soft mesh, but literally rockets the ball out of the pocket like a stiffer mesh. These handi-kits are awesome to stuff in your bag and come with everything you need for a complete string job... shooters, sidewall and bottom lace.

Try a piece of Magik mesh out and you may just be a convert. Our guys here strung up some of their own sticks for summer ball and are really happy with the shooting performance of this new mesh.