• StringKing Mark 2V Lacrosse Head

StringKing Mark 2V Lacrosse Head

SKU: 7275

The StringKing Mark 2V lacrosse head built to do it all at any level of play with a precisely balanced design. StringKing designed the Mark 2V to be the most versatile head in the market ready to take on any position on the field. The Mark 2V utilizes a classic face shape with slightly narrower shape then StringKing's previous model the Mark 1 for increased ball control. StringKing created the optimal balance with the Mark 2V design bringing the ideal level of strength and weight to this lacrosse head. The mid-pocket is the ideal ball placement for the Mark 2V and is recommended by StringKing for the resilient all around player. 

- Engineered for optimal strength to weight ratio for increased durability with lightening fast quickness

- StringKing's Classic face shape brings a added feel and control to any stick 

- The Mark 2V is designed to perform with the mid pocket for the ultimate level of versatility

- StringKing's 6 Month Durability Guarantee included