• STX Rival Helmet Full Paint PKG B

STX Rival Helmet Full Paint PKG B

SKU: 10209
Our sleek new shell and face mask design incorporates crafted lines that accentuate speed, giving you an aggressive, fast look and an improved field of vision.
The all-new Sure-Fit™ air system features a built-in pump, allowing players to adjust their fit on the fly. No detachable pump needed, just inflate to your desired fit, right on the field.
Sure-Fit™ also includes a built-in release valve for quick deflation and removal of the helmet. Aligned with all of the of the other protective padding within the helmet, the on-board system will ensure the perfect fit.
Integrated ventilation throughout the shell allows air to flow through the helmet, keeping you cool even when the game gets hot.
The comfort liner adds an additional layer of comfort to the interior padding, reducing pinching and discomfort.
Thousands of different paint combinations available in different finishes, making it the most customizable helmet in the industry.
Please allow 10 business days for custom orders
Check out all the options at https://custombuilder.stx.com/