Comp 4.0 Shaft TWL Trout

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Since 2004, TRUE Temper lacrosse has been designing and manufacturing some of your favorite lacrosse shafts. Now, new for 2016, the TRUE engineers have designed the True Composite SF 4.0 Attack Lacrosse Shaft, exclusively under the TRUE brand name.

By combining both SMARTPLY and SMARTFLEX technologies, players will be able to enhance the perfect balance of strength, weight, and flex for any style of play. SMARTFLEX technology allows for the shaft to flex when passing or shooting, providing more torque and snap in your shot, adding velocity.

The SF 4.0 offers two different flex points, the Flex 6 and the Flex 9, allowing the right shaft and flex for any style of player. The Flex 6 is the stiffer version that is more difficult to flex, providing strength and durability for the more advanced players. The Flex 9 is a bit softer and easier to flex, allowing for younger players to experience the benefits of a composite shaft without needing to exert much force.

Whether your game relies on power or finesse, the True Composite SF 4.0 Attack Lacrosse Shaft is optimized for elite lacrosse players o