TRUE ROC Composite Complete Stick 60" Gunmetal

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The ROCTM complete stick was designed specifically for defensive players looking to take their game to the next level. This upgraded defensive setup features an ultra-stiff ROCTM defensive head on an exclusive ROCTM composite premium defensive shaft for improved performance versus standard alloy handle defensive sticks. The ROCTM head features a reinforced rail design to help prevent flexing in key impact zones for improved durability and strength. If you are ready to step your game up on the defensive side of the field, check out the ROCTM Complete Stick.


  • REINFORCED DEFENSIVE HEAD DESIGN: Super strong head reinforced with Anchor RailTM technology to provide extra stiffness in key flex zones in the head.

  • DEFENSIVE PERFORMANCE COMPOSITE SHAFT: The 60” composite shaft on the ROCTM complete stick provides increased durability and flex when throwing big checks on the field.

  • DEFENSE POCKET: The ROCTM is strung with 10 diamond semi-soft mesh that breaks in quickly and forms a mid-high pocket that is perfect for defenseman transitioning the ball up field.