Gear Swap 2016

Gear Swap 2016 is coming!

How it works. 

  1. Come into Tribal West anytime the week of August 15th with the gear you want to sell.
  2. Give us a price you want to sell each item for. Fill out a tag and pay the $1 list fee per item.
  3. (optional but highly recomended) Come check out all the gear on Saturday the 20th and pick yourself up some new mits, a twig or a lid. 

  4. Pick-up your MONEY! Swing by the store before the 27th to pickup what you made, or any gear that didn't sell. 

* We can't guarantee that your items will sell. We can help you set a fair price for gear if you need help. 

* If unsold gear is not picked up by August 27th 2016, it will be donated.


Fish Bartlett