Maverik M5 EKG Speed Pad

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The Maverik MAX EKG Speed Pad is designed to cater to experienced players that need a lightweight, comfortable yet protective shoulder coverage. Maverik addresses advanced protection with the MAX EKG Speed Pad with the External Kardiac Guard (EKG) meeting the new NOCSAE ND200 Standard to help combat Commotio Cordis. The MAX EKG Speed Pad utilizes the COMFORTFIT arch to allow players completely personalized fit and coverage with extreme mobility. The ANAFORM chest and spine plates in the MAX EKG Speed Pad are specifically engineered to manage high velocity checks and hits. The DURASTRETCH panels across the torso were engineered by Maverik to allow the pads to move easily while running up and down the field. QUICKDRY technology in the MAX EKG Speed Pad wicks away moisture on even the hottest days, ensuring you stay cool and dry all game long. 

-Meets New NOCSAE ND200 Standard to address Commotio Cordis.

-ANAFORM chest and spine plates help manage high velocity impact.

-DURASTRETCH panels allow the pads to move with the body.

-QUICKDRY technology wicks away moisture.