Maverik M5 Goalie Glove 2023

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The Maverik M5 Goalie Glove is the next iteration of the top selling M4 glove. The M5 is built on the same platform as its predecessor delivering the classic lacrosse glove fit with redesigned materials and construction for unrestricted movement and better feel. The Torqueloc 2 design provides a two-part thumb construction for ideal protection from both impact and hyper-extension while retaining optimal flexibility. The M5 goalie glove combines three features to keep your hands cool and dry all game long. The QuickDry liner allows sweat to evaporate quickly, the Inhaler Mesh palm provides airflow through the palm, and the Flowcool venting on the back of the hand disperses heat. The M5 goalie gloves also feature the popular Ax Suede in the palm and fingers giving players a natural feel and comfortable grip. Maverik’s adjustable cuff design allows players to choose between a flared fit for maximum range of motion or a closed fit for maximum protection.


- Traditional fit profile with more volume in the back of hand and fingers.

- Torqueloc 2 Design with a two-part thumb providing flexibility and protecting from impact and hyper-extension.

- Adjustable cuff designed to accommodate either maximum range of motion or maximum protection.

- Quickdry Liner for faster evaporation of sweat.

- Inhaler mesh palm allows airflow and better grip from reduction of sweat.

- Flowcool Venting on back of hand for dissipation of heat.