Maverik Optik Alloy Complete Stick

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Introducing the Maverik Optik Alloy Complete Lacrosse Stick - the perfect fusion of performance and durability! This sleek stick boasts a smooth, lightweight 7000 series alloy shaft, designed for quick and effortless handling on the field, topped the durable and highly favored Optik head. The adjustable butt end allows for a more customized grip, making it the ultimate customizable experience! This complete setup will improve your accuracy, control, and velocity, making you a force to be reckoned with against any opponent!


  • Lightweight, traditional shape, 7000 series alloy shaft
  • Optik Lacrosse Head
  • ABE+ Adjustable butt-end
  • Strung with semi-hard mesh for ideal hold
  • Mid-low pocket