SK Mark 2F Unstrung

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New for the 2018 season, StringKing has released its newest head in its 2 line, the StringKing Mark 2F Unstrung Lacrosse Head. This is StringKing’s first face-off specific head, hence the “F” in the name. Building from the success of their previous 2 line, the Mark 2F is sure to perform for the face-off-minded player.

StringKing uses a hybrid plastic for the head weighing in at 124 grams which will give the player the perfect balance of flex and stiffness. This balance allows the player to pinch the ball with ease and pick the ground ball up as the head pops right back into place. StringKing has re-angled the scoop of the head, which increases success when scooping up the ball.

Moving through to the base of the head, the throat on the 2F has been shortened which allows the player to get closer to the top of the stick. Ultimately, this feature will give the player more control when raking the ball out. Combined with the higher flare and the straightening of the head, the 2F has more points of contact on the ball when pinching to give the player more consistency when directing the ball.

If you are a face-off specialist who also wants to push the play on the offensive end, the StringKing Mark 2F Unstrung Lacrosse Head is for you.