Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour

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Many of these stories are more real than the news we get these days. Some are essays on the game at different times, hopefully capturing some universal experiences that lacrosse players, builders and fans share.

This book is a product of the pandemic. We all miss our sport and it has been painful to deal with the realities of our time and what they’ve done to the game being played. Hopefully, we are almost through the worst. There has been a positive side as I was able to devote hundreds and hundreds of hours to the project. It kept me occupied when I needed something to help me deal with the drudgery of the days. It has been medicine.

For the stories that I lived directly, it occurred to me that in a way I was performing something like an ancient Wendat ritual where I was exhuming the bones of my ancestors, caressing and cleaning them, and then returning them back to their resting spot. Stories are the bones of our lives. The resting place in this case is this book.