Cascade XRS Youth

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The Cascade XRS is the result of years of R&D from the premier helmet manufacturer in lacrosse. Cascade has combined years of data, design experience, and customer feedback to create their safest, most comfortable, and highest performing helmet to date.



The XRS features a best-in-class tri-liner interior combining three technologies for ultimate protection and comfort. First a reactive foam, like hardened memory foam, that eliminates pressure points on the top of your head. Second is a variable dimension puck system that both reduces weight and adds shock absorption to the most critical impact areas of the helmet. The final layer is the toughest liner material ever produced by cascade to defend against the strongest impacts in the game.



Cascade has used years of data to pinpoint pressure points and optimize a 360º fit for a broader range of head shapes and sizes. The precisely calculated balance point distributes the mass of the helmet to give you the feeling of wearing nothing that will impede your game. A new ventilation system allows cool air in and hot air out to keep you cool without sacrificing protection. The adjustability of the XRS enables a broad range of head sizes to experience the most comfortable lacrosse helmet ever made.



Cascade’s new Vixion system increases peripheral vision by 22% over previous helmet models. The vision bar utilizes Cascade’s PowerPress technology to allow more vision straight ahead. Experience a full field of view with the XRS and see the ball, not the mask.